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Add Feminism
Branding / Identity / Social Campaign

Merriam-Webster's definition of feminism is "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities." After my friend Mariam won the "Feminism is for Everyone" 3% Conference Contest, we wanted to use the momentum from her success and spread the message that feminism is for everyone. Our solution: create a campaign to empower everyone to be feminists by making the term more accessible. Saying you're a feminist or that you believe in feminism doesn't have to be scary, simply add feminism to the long list of things you believe in.


The logo for Add Feminism is a combination of a plus sign and the letter "F."



The site was the heart of the campaign. Visitors could go there to fill out pledges and learn more about the initiative.


We gained a lot of our campaign traction from shares on social channels like Facebook.



By going on the website you were able to fill out and then share your own pledge and declare yourself a feminist. But we wanted to take some of the pressure out of that declaration and the pledges did just that. Feminism is one of many things you believe in, along with good company, lazy Sundays, pizza, human rights and equality. For many it was the first time they had spoken openly about being a feminist.


Panel Event

The Feminism Is For Everyone event at Deutsch was produced and directed by Mariam Guessous and Madison's Collective. We were on the panel talking about our initiative and it provided a safe space to talk about feminism within the advertising industry.

Panelists: Amy Willard-Cross (Founder of Vitamin W), Terrill Ocona (Ogilvy), Miriam Langsam (Sr. AD Launchpad), Mariam Guessous (Sr. AD Launchpad)
Moderator: Val DiFebo (CEO Deutsch)