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Jolt Cola
Advertising Campaign

20 years after Jolt Cola fell off the map in the 80's they were given funding to revive the brand. They rebranded, repackaged and reached out to their target market, college students in my class, for insights on how to best communicate with millennials. Jolt is one of the strongest, most powerful energy drinks on the market, so get Jolt and get your fix.


To target college students we used humor and shock value.

App & Event

A 24 hour delivery service and a concert around finals time help students get their fix.


App: Jolt will offer a free 24hr delivery service to colleges for short stints to advertise the product. An app for the service will make it easy to get a Jolt whenever you need one.

Event: Jolt will sponsor a free concert during finals for students who want to study hard and party hard. 


To demonstrate the extreme power of Jolt Cola we'll wrap electrical boxes to look like a Jolt Cola can.