Miriam Logo

New Directions Behavioral Health
Branding / Advertising Campaign

For 20 years New Directions has been a pioneer of behavioral health, offering millions of people services like Therapy, Health Coaching and Performance Solutions. Dealing with behavioral health issues can be a lonely and isolating experience but New Directions offers genuine dedication, compassion and support throughout the process. Because, together is the way forward.


The mark evokes a flock of birds, united in purpose, soaring upward. Together, they form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The central shape in the middle of the V represents an individual who’s supported and surrounded by a larger group, collectively traveling in a new direction. This logo was design by Mariam Guessous


The colors in this palette have been chosen for their warmth. Pastels evoke a certain softness and compassion.
The Golden Orange pops nicely and telegraphs confidence, individuality and optimism.


Our photography captures moments of connection. We use lens flares to add warmth and humanity.


Our main and accent patterns use elements from the logo.


Day to day business tools for the New Directions team.


Our print ads use emotion and compassion to communicate delicate messages.


Posters will be placed in the New Directions headquarters and in customers' break rooms to advertise the service.



A fresh redesigned New Directions website by Kate Crotty. 


The Facebook and Pinterest pages were designed with the new brand in mind.


Since looking at relaxing images can heavily reduce stress this app provides serene images along with calming music to help you zone out during stressful moments throughout the day.