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The Musary
Branding / Identity / Ad Campaign

The Musary is a music lending library that provides instruments and lessons free of charge. The non-profit was created over ten years ago as a memorial foundation for John Pike, a founding member of the band Ra Ra Riot and a prolific musician. We created a branding/identity system and through a series of “playable” elements the brand's mission is brought to life: to encourage you to play on.


Inspiring people to “play on” is a big mission. So we created a logo that does just that. We present to you the world’s first “playable” logo. A transcription from John’s composition "Little Harp" has been embedded into the type, so the logo can be practiced and played as a signature composition of the Musary.

Logo Mark

The delicate inner accent circle in the mark represent guitar strings.
Specifically, a brand of strings, believed to be used on John's acoustic guitar: Martin 41M1100 Marquis LT.


Each color represents a facet of The Musary mission and vision.


“How we play on” is the theme of the photography, showing glimpses into a day in the life of The Musary and their borrowers.
To raise brand recognition we'll treat the photos with gradients overlays that merge any two brand colors.


The Musary logo is also a musical composition so we created original icons made out of musical notes.
The icons come in two types, conceptual and instrumental.


We created an infinite pattern with our original icons.


Day to day business tools for the Musary team.


Branded items and products for the Musary. 

Falmouth Road Race

The Falmouth Road Race has been a longtime staple of Cape Cod summers and The Musary team participates annually.
Each year we design the team shirts for the Musary runners and supporters.



High level brand ads teaching people about the Musary and what they stand for.


A design for the website which includes bios, events and contact info.


We created branding for the Musary Facebook page and also created social content.

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For Facebook content we provide tips to help people play on.


Since our logo is the start of John’s song ‘Little Harp’ let’s entice people to write their own continuations of John’s song.
This is how we play on. For a prize, the winners will be invited to play their song at The Boston Symphony.

We will announce and promote the contest through social media.

Once we collect the contest entries we will create a compilation mix and distribute it on Bandcamp.

We'll put a piano in a public space as a guerrilla stunt and leave music written for the contest on the piano for people to play.